The ODIN consortium is pleased to confirm the successful completion of the 20th June 2023.  This was is the second outing for the DSJPR (Dual Stream Jet Propulsion Rig) developed in the CS2 AvAUNT project.

ODIN’s objectives include the improved understanding of exhaust suppression and jet-flap interaction noise as applied to Ultra-High Bypass ratio engines at off-design conditions

The exhaust suppression tests were performed in high-lift, installed and isolated configurations  for a large matrix of Mach, Fan & Core nozzle pressure ratios and includes off-design conditions, take-off, windmill and idle.  Jet-flap interaction effects were measured via a floor mounted microphones and wing mounted Kulite arrays to quantify jet-flap interaction noise.

The ARA Dual Stream Jet Propulsion Rig in the ARA Transonic Wind TunnelThe ARA Dual Stream Jet Propulsion Rig in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel.
ODIN in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel in isolated and installed configurations

This unique experimental database is now being post processed and used to validate the computational  models at design and off-design conditions.

The ODIN consortium is led by Cranfield University.  Consortium partners are ARA, University of Cambridge & University of Loughborough with Rolls Royce as the topic manager.

The ODIN project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 joint undertaking (JU) for grant agreement No. 101007598

ODIN Team photograph in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel
Some of the ODIN Project test team in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel working section